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Brief Introduction to Hangzhou Foreign Languages School

Hangzhou Foreign Languages School (HFLS) was founded in 1964, as one of the inital seven foreign languages schools in China. It was established under the direct guidance of Premier Zhou Enlai and Foreign Minister Chen Yi. It was Mr. Zhou’s desire to create schools that showcased “multiple languages, high quality and systematic teaching”. It is the only foreign language school in Zhejiang province recognized by the Ministry of Education that enjoys the privilege of recommending its graduates to top universities in China, who are exempt from entrance exams (16 schools in total nationwide). It is among the first group of Model Foreign Languages Schools, a Provincial Key Middle School (under the direct guidance of Zhejiang Department of Education), and one of the first Characteristic Model Schools of Zhejiang Province.

HFLS’s motto is “study for the motherland and get prepared for the future” and it educates students with the spirit of being “tolerant and generous, diligent and rigorous”. It also strives to “foster all-round elite students with a global vision, whose forte is foreign language, while excellent at both Liberal arts and Sciences”. HFLS prides itself on outstanding language teaching, focusing on educating students three aspects “language, culture and thinking”. Apart from the major language English, HFLS also provides classes in French, German, Japanese and Spanish, from which each student may choose one to minor. Immersed in a target-language-only environment and taught in small classes, students enhance their cross-cultural communication awareness and ability. In 2008, the international curriculum, A-level was introduced to HFLS and the Cambridge A-level Experimental Class was introduced. The reputation of this program and quality of the graduates has ensured that it has stood out from similar programs nationwide. HFLS is also the Teacher Training Centre for English Teachers of Middle Schools in Zhejiang Province, which has trained over 6,000 English teachers in the past ten years, with the satisfactory rate of 100%.

Over the years, HFLS has always aimed to fulfil the principal of nurturing students with virtue, deepening curriculum reform and promoting internal-quality development. HFLS has been chosen by the Ministry of Science to be one of the nine experimental middle schools to run AI education projects, the school club program was selected to be the featured model for other Chinese middle schools. It was also qualified to be the Characteristic School of Youth Basketball by the Ministry of Education. HFLS teachers were awarded first or second, for national or provincial prizes in Fundamental Education. Every year, HFLS provides high-quality graduates for renowned universities such as Beijing University, Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Nanjing University, Beijing Foreign Studies University and the University of Foreign Affairs. Among the graduates who choose Chinese universities, 85% are admitted by “Double-first Class” universities, and other graduates who choose to study abroad are admitted by top universities, such as Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Cambridge and Oxford. HFLS is hailed by the media as “the sample of elite education” and the “exemplar of competence-oriented education”. HFLS alumni include not only talents in foreign language and affairs, like Zhang Jianmin, Chinese ambassador to the Czech Republic and Zou Xiaoli, Chinese ambassador to Argentina, but also leaders in science and technology like Wang Tao, founder of Dajiang Technology and Huang Zheng, founder of “Pinduoduo”.

HFLS is a public school with junior and senior students from Hangzhou city. The campus covers an area of 152.7 mu (25 acres), and buildings have a floor area of 69,51 thousand square metres. During the 2020 academic year, it accommodated 1908 students from 50 classes, 21 of which are junior and 29 are senior (including 12 classes from the A-level Centre). HFLS employs a staff of 232, among whom are 3 professors, and 3 master teachers. 32% of the teachers hold a Master degree or above, and over 95% teachers have overseas teaching experience. There are 139 Party members in HFLS, accounting for 60% of the total staff.

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