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International exchange

State-level exchange:
Working as the major part of Zhejiang-Minnesota Education Cooperation Project, HFLS has been in exchange with Minnesota’s education bureau since 1986. A 6-month teacher exchange takes place yearly, having benefited more than 15,000 students from two nations in the past 25 years.

Hanban Programs:
HFLS was designated as one of Hanban’s base schools in 2007. Annually, three HFLS teachers are sent to assist two Confucius classrooms in UK and USA that we helped to establish. Their performance is highly praised and often wins coverage in local media. In 2009, HFLS hosted over 70 exchange students from UK through Chinese Bridge, a summer program organized by Hanban.

Sister-school partnerships:
The network of HFLS’s sister schools covers Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania. Many of them are highly respected in their home nation, such as Sidwell Friends School in USA and the King’s School, Grantham in UK. Over 80 of our students yearly benefit from our sister-school exchange programs and we receive more than 10 groups of visitors from overseas institutions.

Green-channel programs with overseas colleges:
To meet the increasing demand,HFLS has established partnership with a number of overseas universities and colleges, obliged to recommend its qualified graduates to study overseas. They are:
The University of Iowa, USA
North Carolina State University, USA
University of Toronto, Canada
ESIGELEC – Graduate School of Engineering, Rouen, France
Commercial University of Luigi Bocconi, Italy
The National University of Singapore (NUS)
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
University of Liverpool, UK

In 2008, UK’s A-level curriculum was introduced to HFLS and a “Cambridge International High School Experiment Program” was established. All of the first group students, counting 58, have been admitted to top universities in USA and UK, including 5 to Cambridge University and Oxford University.

 HFLS teacher introducing Chinese to US children
Chinese Bridge summer camp

Kim Hames, Deputy Premier of Western Australia, visiting our school

 A US head-teacher delegation visiting our school
Visiting faculty of a German sister school
HFLS students visiting Minnesota, USA
 The summer trip to USA’s top universities
Native English teachers teaching at HFLS

Head teacher, Fang Jianwen, signing agreements with North Carolina State University, USA

Teachers from the University of Toronto addressing students

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