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Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.

To begin with, I have a very simple question for you——Is the hostess beautiful ? (pause) Well, someone may say:“Yes , and I fall in love with her.” While others say certainly no, because everyone has his or her own definition of beauty .

Speaking of beauty , a confusing question which must have been argued about for thousands of years comes into my mind ——“What is beauty?” It seems that people nowadays don’t think there is beauty , because when I asked them , they all asked me where we had beauty instead of answering. They asked me how many people had no opportunity to speak out? How many people were still struggling for justice? How many people committed suicide because of the dark phenomenon that exists in the society.

But is it true?

Is it true that beauty is totally is extinct in our lives? Is it true that things are so ugly that they make us puke? Or do we have to sacrifice our lives to fight against ugliness? Actually not. Just smell, the smell of beauty fills in the air. August Rodin has already told us “It’s not the lack of beauty in life ,but the lack of eyes to find beauty .”

John Nash, a genius who studied in Princeton University , was very talented in math, especially “Game Theory ” in which he majored . Known as the “ghost of Princeton”, John was a lonely genius who solved a great many math problems. But it seemed destiny played a small joke on him. On getting some reputation, he got a serious mental disease because of the great pressure. Life became very hard to him everyone laughed at him when the disease deeply tormented him. His wife , however, didn’t give up .It was she who gave John confidence to go back to the teacher’s desk . It was because of her beautiful mind that John could get the Nobel Prize in 1994.

So you see, whatever difficulties you meet, beauty is around you, however despair you are, beauty is around you, because god will open a window for you while closing your doors. Like John, he found the beauty of his wife’s heart when he was about to give up, so if you observe carefully, you can find every small beauty around you.

Take this stick as an example, can you find any beauty? Maybe not ,but observe……(magic performance) Doesn’t it look beautiful now? I just want to tell you that every small article deserves the name of “beauty”.

When you see a lotus smiling in the rain, that’s beauty ; when you smell the flavor of spring, that’s beauty ; when you hear the buzz of a singing cricket , that’s beauty ;When you find a little flower lying in the soil, that’s beauty; when you are touched by the trembling leaves like the fingers of a baby, that’s beauty; when you stare at the mountain with its petals of hill drinking the sunlight, that’s beauty.

Beauty is around us!

In children’s eyes , beauty is mother’s colorful dresses; In my grandpa’s eyes , beauty is my grandma’s wrinkles ; A scientist will say beauty is Newton’s laws of motion ; A photographer will tell you beauty is the first drop of dew at dawn ; Tagore sayas:“The silent night has the beauty of the mother and the clamorous day has the beauty of child .”

Beauty is around us!

My dear friends, you don’t have to trek to find the true meaning of beauty, you don’t have to cudgel your brain to know what beauty is , because beauty is around us !

That’s all. Thank you .


Good Afternoon, my fellow students, ladies and gentlemen!

It's truly a great and precious opportunity for me to be here on this stage to give you my speech,, and my topic today is:The essence and finding of beauty of life.

I bet almost all of us here in this stadium must have the same feeling with me that is HFLS is such a beautiful and fascinating school. The blooms along those small stone roads truly adorn our campus to form a better atmosphere for us to study as well as to live. Every time when I’m passing those small roads, it’s not a surprise to find a little girl with a bowknot on her head, screaming excitedly:“What a beautiful flower!”What does she exactly mean to give such comments on that flower by using the word Beautiful?

Due to my curiosity, I tried the same attempt on the little flower by saying the same words to it:You are fabulous. However, I couldn’t even get a sense of beauty from it, it didn’t work. So today I’ve brought that flower together with me: Wow, you are marvelous! See, it didn’t work.!

Why is that? I pondered this question for a long period of time, and at last, I got the conclusion:The finding of beauty needs a certain atmosphere as well as one’s true heart that can keep an eye on those tiniest surprising movements which give significant meaning to the feeling of beauty.

However, it’s sad to inform that because of the overpressure and faster pace of urban life, nowadays a lot more people than ever including our teenagers are becoming less sensitive to the cognition of beauty. What a sad thing! So where can we find this lost happiness back? Now just let me give you an offer to go on the journey of the finding of beauty. I’ll mainly introduce you two great ways to find this lost happiness.

First of all, imagination. Fancy that there were a sudden wind blowing over your honorable judges’ desks, and it blew away all those evaluating pieces. When it wind rolled the pieces up, you got such a surprise that the wind seemed to be so gentle that it made you imagine those little pieces as white moving sleeves of a traditional Chinese dancer. Isn’t that amazing and beautiful? So from this instance we can see that using imagination can truly help you to appreciate much more beauty than those students who fall asleep during this boring speech contest.

Secondly, it’s a very common word and every one of us must have been familiar with, that is the word, love. Love here is not the limited emotion, it’s the extensive enthusiasm towards the pursuits and other beloved things in our daily life. For instance, do you know one of the most famous mathematician in history, Rouseau? There’s still a biographic movie about him. Actually, I’m deeply moved by his inspiring affairs. He has met so many obstacles and hardship on his road to find the truth and beauty of math, however he never surrender to those difficulties or drawbacks, he just used his passion and love towards the goals he chased after. And at last ,he managed to succeed in finding the beauty of math and life. I still remember the movie’s name is Beautiful Soul, isn’t that a beautiful pursuit towards the beauty of life?

Now after the searching of beauty, I need to remind you of that little feeble flower here in my hand, at this very moment, can you get a sort of beauty from it? Well, ladies and gentlemen, what I’ve told before is only the things theoretically, what we need to do is to use our true heart to make a discovery of the beauty of life and make ourselves entirely understood of the whole world. And I think it’s fortunate that almost all of us have already possessed the ability of the sense of beauty. Remember what I’ve mentioned at the beginning of the speech? Isn’t Hangzhou Foreign Languages School a beautiful school? I think all of you’ll give me the same answer:Yes, of course!

That is all about my speech, thank you for listening, thank you all!


Ladies and gentlemen,

Nice to have all of you here. This is a glorious day that will glitter in my memory. I’m standing here and speaking to you just to share some of my personal opinions about beauty.

Thousands of years ago, our ancestors were already able to appreciate beauty. They strung little shells up and made necklaces. They wore this kind of jewellery around their necks and these necklaces were discovered by our archaeologists. They are not so delicate as those we see today, but the discovery symbolizes a great breakthrough in the history of mankind because that means ever since then, the concept beauty has been carried to the world.

The standard of beauty varies with the development of mankind. People’s values may totally change in half a century or even in several years, sometimes along with significant revolutions. Let’s take our country for example. In the feudal society, women had to wear closely knitted clothes and it was rather daring to try the shorter pants. They were also supposed to be quiet and they were not allowed to talk to men of the same age because people thought, “Women should be women and they should behave in a proper way. They don’t need very high intelligence but good appearance.” What’s more, poor women, obeying the “rules”, had to wrap their feet up in order to keep them small and tiny. The process was rather miserable and was destructive to some—their feet were man-made abnormal. Luckily, with the breaking of the chains that confined independent personality, a new age came. Ever since then, women have been able to choose clothes that they wear on they own. More and more women go into society and find their jobs—their positions there. Of course, they are beautiful—both the outside and the inside.

So, the standard of beauty is changeable, isn’t it?


Beauty of life

Good afternoon, my fellow students, teachers and judges. It’s my great honor to stand here and give my speech.

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” This is what beauty is like in British poet John Keats’ heart. He has already spoken my heart words, I dare say. Beauty is abstract though, beautiful things give me happiness, pleasure and enjoyment, and they will raise me up when I’m down. However, I’ve heard my friends complaining about their busy life, saying they could never find beauty in life. Actually, beauty lies everywhere—it lies in every little thing in life.

I still remember the time I sat near the window. Out of it I could see a cherry-blossom tree. Two months earlier, in March, cherry-blossoms were opening, shedding delicate petals. Everyday the wonderful smell went into my heart. Now the tree is no longer in blossom, but a canopy of green leaves can be seen in dew light at dawn; at dusk, as a gentle breeze blows over them, they delightfully murmur and nod their heads. What a view!

Have you ever seen such a wonderful view? Well, I have seen a different one. The English festival has come and a lot of students are busily preparing for it. Two of my friends are in charge of painting curtains. I’ve seen them painting colorful pictures, sweating in the hot weather, and crying because of the big pressure. In my opinion, not only the curtains but also their sweat and tears are beautiful. I’m so impressed by their hard work. Don’t you think my friends are great? They are responsible for their work, and also, care about the people around them. Once I was in a hurry to have the MUN test at noon and didn’t have enough time to have lunch. Having struggled for 40 minutes, I finally finished the test and stumbled to the classroom. Suddenly, one of my friends gave me a box and said: “Here you are. Your lunch.” I was about to cry at that time. Though it might be just a little help, it did make me consider friendship as the most beautiful in the world.

So, as you can see, beauty is everywhere if you have an eye for it and an eye to notice and appreciate every little thing in life. Sometimes beauty is a red rose, with a great smell and pretty petals; sometimes beauty is a strong oak, standing in a violent storm; sometimes beauty is sweet smile with a pure heart which is like a thousand splendid suns. Just thinking about the little things that make life great, you’ll want to cry because the beauty of life is so strong.


Beauty only comes with a slow heart

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, it’s my great honor to stand here and give you a speech about ‘Beauty’.

I would first tell you a story that most of you might have heard of.

There was a circle that lost a part of himself. He revolved slowly and travelled to many places. Searching for it everywhere, the circle met many friends. Life was beautiful.

One day, he finally found it! Wild with joy, the circle returned to tell his friends about this good news, but he was so fast that he missed all of them. Life all about running was just, not that beautiful any more. In the end, the circle made a hard decision. He threw the lost part away and returned to his SLOW life. That’s because, he realized that beauty of life only came with a slow heart.

Recently I have been entangled with a lot of things. I guess most of you are, too. Even when I was having lunch, I exhaustedly found noodles in my plate look like my math examination paper. There is always a voice in my heart: “After getting over these days, I can take a long, beautiful rest!” However, cruelly, in our busy life, such things just come one after another without even a second for me to take a breath of the fresh air.

Being in a fret, I messed everything up. I shouted at my friends and I got myself untidy. Every day I fell asleep with a tiring heart.

One night, I said goodbye to my mother on the phone after only one minute. I used to talk about interesting things happened in school, around my classmates, for hours, but that day, I just focused on whether she has got the dress for my contest. Then suddenly, I realized, I went through life in a hurry that I went through life without enjoying it.

Beauty of life only comes with a slow heart. If you pass it like a wind, it won’t move itself, so it just seems to pass you like a wind as well.

So just slow down. Things in urgent will come continually without a gap for you to only rest. The smart ones, however, know how to rest while they are busy, that is, they live slowly. With a slow heart, you will then find yourself surrounded by beautiful things. Where were they come from, you might ask? They have been there, for years, just you haven’t realized before.

The calmness in your heart is exactly the source of beauty in life. Every time when you are caught in busy life, don’t panic. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, then open, you will see a completely different world! That’s all my speech. Thank you.


Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, I feel very honored to have an opportunity to stand here and give a speech. Mr. Wang from New Oriental School has told us that beauty means “someone who is beautiful” in some occasions. Who is beauty? Michelle Obama? Or maybe Lady Gaga? OK, different people have different tastes. But commonly beauties always refer to those famous stars who dress up beautifully with colorful clothes and make-ups.

They ARE beautiful, I dare say. But I know an unusual beauty. She’s not young and she’s experienced a lot. She WAS beautiful, according to her photos. But ever since the family formed, wrinkles started to grow and, as time goes by, they became deeper and easier to see. She has worked hard to support the family and cares about the family most. Some people probably have already guessed her out. Yes, she, is, my mother. Some people says she’s beautiful but some says she’s just a common person. Both answers are suitable for her. But in my eyes, she’s always a beauty whatever others say, although time has made her older and less beautiful.

Many people may want to know why I think so. Well here I’ll give the reason. The most crucial point I think, is that she helped me a lot and I feel very thankful. Take an example; I’ve been really interested in cycling since a classmate ride a bicycle to and fro between school and home. Soon he set up a bicycle team. I live in Hangzhou and I was very anxious to go together with them. However, worry about my safety, my mother persuaded me not to do so. You know, when I ride, I can’t take too much things, so my mother will have to help me carry things to school. She’ll be tired!. But I was too enthusiastic about cycling to notice it. I even didn’t think about her feelings. And I became angry with her, because I thought she gave me so much restriction. But, my mother didn’t argue with me, instead, she gradually agreed with me and bought me a new bike. Now she helps me carry things sometimes but she did not complain about it. I feel guilty sometimes because of this and I usually try to take fewer bags to let her rest more.

Being with my mom, I always have a lot of special feelings, which make me realize my mother is really beautiful. I even consider her as the most beautiful person I have ever seen. Further more, I think all mothers must be beauties in their children’s eyes. Because, they take tremendous efforts to help the family, to support the family, and to make the whole family happy. That is what they did, what they are doing, and what they are going to do. So here, I’d like to tell you that, beauty doesn’t necessarily mean a nice appearance, because every ordinary mother can also be a true beauty. That’s all, thank you.


Learn to Appreciate

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.

If you ever walk into Professor Stephen Owen’s office, you will absolutely be attracted by his ancient Chinese book collection. Yes, he has been studying ancient Chinese literature for decades, and in his eyes, it is the most fascinating thing in this world. Some of his Chinese students ask him, why on earth such a native-born American like him could understand and be so keen of traditional Chinese literature. Usually he doesn’t answer the question directly but replies this way: a culture knows no boundary between countries. It belongs to those who appreciate it.

And today what I am here to say is that, beauty belongs to the ones who can appreciate it.

About beauty, the contestants all showed their unique points of view. As for me, I believe beauty is more like a subjective feeling than an objective existence. Therefore, I think as long as we can see beauty, we own it.

Here I would like to take my father’s roses as an example. My father grows them in our little garden, and now it is the right season for them to bloom. From white, pink to magenta, the flowers are everywhere on our fence. However we never emphasize that they are ours, because actually, their beauty belongs to everyone who is fond of its gorgeousness and aroma. That one could be a passerby; it could be you, or even a singing bird. As long as it has an eye to appreciate.

But then why do so many of us not think that beauty belongs to us? I think the answer can be simple: Because we’ve lost our eyes to appreciate. Nowadays we seem to be always in a rush and sometimes trifles make us blind to the beauty around us.

But in fact, if we can notice a little more, we will find that beauty can be everywhere. It could be a tiny dewdrop on a tender leaf; it could be a light verse that you pick up from a poem; it could be a smile you receive from a stranger. The famous sculptor Augusta Rodin once said it is not beauty that is lacking to our eyes, but our eys which fail to perceive her.

So ladies and gentlemen, why don’t we slow down our pace, to discover, to feel, and to relish those enjoyable details in our life? Maybe all we need to do is calm our mind, and what we get is the most pleasant thing in this world.

Thank you!


Ladies and Gentlemen:

Good afternoon. As a former Entel-School student, it is my honor to be here performing in this excellent competition, people say I get into HFLS because I can get high scores. we all admit that marks are important, but I think the beauty of ourselves is more crucial.

Speaking of beauty, what comes to your mind? Maybe a picture of a beautiful girl? A beautiful song of a girl? The smile or the smile of a girl? Or you may probably think about the beauty that comes from a girl’s heart.

Yeah,they’re all correct because there’re different kinds of beauty. The dictionary gives us the definition: beauty, the quality of being pleasing to the senses or to the mind. So a person with beautiful looks and beautiful minds can both be called a beauty.

As an idiom says, everybody appreciates beauty. Everyone pursues beauty in a different way. Most of the people want to have great looks. That’s why there’re more and more clothing and cosmetic stores for both female and male. That’s why women would spend the more valuable sleeping time making up themselves.

And we students, as the results of the education,have been told millions of time that the beauty from the deep heart is more important than the looks.

So what exactly should we emphasize? What can’t be ignored?

I think nature is our goal. Sometimes someone acts and speaks a lot to show his personality, or dress up strangely to draw others’ attention. This is stupid because it doesn’t show their beauty. It isn’t natural.

We’re living in a world that’s full of noises and excitements. The temptation of honor and vanity gives us too much pressure. Thus, people might lose their appreciating skills. People are just ‘artificial’. They just follow many different kinds of strange fashions, such as ‘non-mainstream’.

The more natural you are, the more beautiful you’ll be. What we should do is to relax ourselves and our hearts. Take a deep breath and enjoy the sense of relaxing. When dealing with social situations, don’t care much about your honor and descriptions from others. Just smile to accept everything. we wil be happier, and a kind of natural beauty will come out of our hearts and show our beauty to others.

As a conclusion, the real beauty comes from the nature. The less we make it up, the more beautiful we’ll be. How we can achieve it is to be natural and calm. In this way, we can get the most beautiful minds, and at the same time, the most beautiful appearance. That’s all. Thanks for listening.


Good afternoon, distinguished judges, honorable teachers and my fellow schoolmates.

It’s my pleasure and privilege to be here and share my speech with you. And my topic is ,”Protect the beauty of the nature”.

Environment protecting has always been a hit, and it is never old-fashioned. More and more organizations and clubs have been set up to propagate the importance of environment protecting. Besides these official institutions, some individuals have also realized that. People all over the world are eager to protect the beauty of the nature deeply in their heart.

A girl named Julia once lived in a tree which is as tall as an 18 storied building for 738 days to stop this tree from being chopped down by a corporation. When the storm came, she could only use a blue plastic bag to keep herself from the heavy rain water.

I have never seen this girl, but I think she is a beauty in my heart, for she sacrificed her precious time to protect even a tree, a small part of the mighty beauty of the nature.

In a personal garden, the host arranged a warning horn which will be on if someone walks on the lawn in order to let people form a good habit of cherishing every single life in the nature. Those people who are determined to defend the environment must have found that the beauty of the nature can bring us a sense of relaxation and joy. But, unfortunately, we still have a long way to go.

As for taking actions accordingly, there are many examples. Such as taking an active part on tree planting day, saving the water around you as much as you can, the list goes on and on.

The beauty of the nature never fails to fascinate me. That’s why I do think that it’s everyone’s duty to protect it. Please protect the beauty of the nature, for yourself and also for your unique earth.

That’s all. Thank you very much. God bless you. God bless Hangzhou Foreign Language School.

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